Scott Pruitt: Keep our Water Clean! 


EPA Administrator Scott Pruitt has a long history of putting polluter’s interests ahead of public health and the environment. He’s spearheaded efforts to block common sense clean water regulations and has vowed to get rid of the vital Clean Water Rule.  

We must protect America’s waters from Pruitt’s polluting priorities. Stand with EWG today and tell Scott Pruitt to keep our water clean! 

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dirty chicken

          EWG investigates Scott Pruitt and poultry pollution.                     

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Top 10

Ten reasons a Pruitt EPA would threaten public health and the environment.

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Misleading Statements

Pruitt may have mislead the Senate during his confirmation hearing

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Risk To Children's Health

Answers from Pruitt’s confirmation hearing could spell trouble for children’s health.

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On the Fence About Lead

  Pruitt has “not reviewed” safe lead limits for kids (answer: none).    

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Pruitt received substantial financial backing from notorious polluters.

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Pruitt fought mercury rules that could save thousands of lives.

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Video fast five

Five reasons a Pruitt EPA would threaten public health and the environment.

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Chicken Manure Flood

   Pruitt turns a blind eye to a chicken manure spill as Okla. AG.           

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Touting a Toothless Reform?

Pruitt boasts about reducing poultry pollution in Oklahoma - photo evidence shows he hasn't.

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Know-nothing on asbestos

                   Pruitt is on the fence about asbestos ban.                 

Lying to Senate?

       Pruitt bends the truth during his confirmation hearing.                     

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perplexed by lead limits

           Pruitt is unaware lead is unsafe at any level for kids.              

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bogus green claims

            Pruitt bends the truth in his confirmation hearing.                         

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          Pruitt consistently combated EPA clean water rules.                        

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